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Decorating Tips for a Small House

Having little space at your disposal doesn’t necessarily means that you can’t pretty up your house. The truth is that if you’re creative enough and you have an artistic spirit, you can totally transform a small house, making it look and feel bigger. If you want to find out which are the best decorating tips to go with for a small house in order to boost its overall appearance, read the following lines.

Choose a light palette when decorating

An essential decorating rule that you have to follow if you have a small house is to choose a light color palette for the walls, floors, furniture pieces, and decorative objects. While white is a great choice to go with, creating not only a very clean appearance for your home but making it look a lot more spacious as well, you don’t necessarily have to go with it. If you want, you can go with the color shown on the walls in the picture above, or any other light, warm color that you like.

Choose a bright flooring solution

Hardwood floors might look luxurious, but they are the worst choice for a small home. A better solution would be to opt for a polished concrete floor with a glossy finish. This type of floor can make a room look look twice as bright and considerably bigger. The trick to polished concrete is that you have to find good contractors, because a wrong installation can completely ruin the floor. Our advice would be to work with Treadwell, the best Polished Concrete Kansas City contractors. They have have an impressive portfolio that includes everything from residential spaces to restaurants, hospitals and numerous commercial spaces. They have a lot of experience with different flooring solutions, but they specialize in polished concrete.

Fake extra space by removing useless furniture pieces

The last thing a small space needs is clutter. Therefore, don’t cramp the rooms of your house with useless furniture pieces, but rather remove them to create the impression that the rooms are a lot more spacious. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to leave rooms like the living room or the bedroom empty, but rather that you should rethink what furniture pieces you place in them. For example, instead of occupying more space than it’s needed in the living room with the coffee table, replace it with a small side table. This will give you more freedom when it comes to moving furniture pieces around, and it will free up the space that was uselessly occupied by the coffee table.

Use the free space on the walls as much as you can

If you want to fill your house with decorations, but you don’t have enough free floor space for your favorite pieces, you have to use the free space on the walls as much as you can. Hang all of your favorite pictures on the walls of your house to give life and personality to your home. Also, you can place decorations that you have gathered over the years on shelves that you mount on the walls.

Make the bedroom look twice as large by hanging mirrors

If your bedroom looks and feels small, you will have trouble getting the restful sleep that you need to look and feel perfect. To make your small bedroom look twice as large, a great decorating trick that you can go with is to hang a lot of mirrors on the walls of this room. The mirrors will give the visual sensation of extra space, and you will feel like you’re in a spacious bedroom whenever you enter it, even though nothing has actually changed in the dimension of the room.

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