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How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

The gutters are a home’s first line of defense against water damage. Unfortunately many people are unaware of the importance of the gutters, and they often neglect their maintenance until it is too late. Clogged gutters can cause many problems. From overflowing gutters that pour down your home, damaging your walls, to the overall debris that weights down the gutters and affects their resistance, clogged gutters can cost you a lot of time and effort. As such, you have two options: either you make the time to regularly clean your gutters, or you consider a leaf protection solution that prevents the gutters from ever getting clogged.

Cleaning the gutters

This is a very simple process, as long as you don’t postpone it for a very long time and you reach a point when the gutters are filled with debris. To clean the gutters, you will need a ladder, garden gloves, a plastic bag, a hand shovel and a water hose. Put the ladder near a corner downspout and carefully climb the up. Hold the hand shovel in your hand, to avoid accidents. Once you reach the top, use the shovel to pull the leaves away from the down spout, grab the debris and put it in the bag. Don’t reach too far and once you finish an area drop the bag down, climb down, move the ladder and repeat the process. If you are having trouble holding the bag, you can drop the debris down and clean it all when you are done. When you are done with an entire length, use the hose to spray down the gutter.

Leaf solutions

Some gutter installation companies also provide some solutions for preventing the clogging of the gutters. We contacted several Gutters Dallas companies, and after careful consideration we decided that UltraLast offers the best leaf solutions. We like that they are flexible and they have a solution for every budget. Based on your needs and your budget, you can decide for yourself which of the following leaf solutions would best suit your gutters.

  • Small hole screen – This product has a stainless steel frame which is very durable. It fits any gutter size and it is very affordable. On the down size, in the long run it is susceptible to rust and it isn’t very effective against small debris like pine needles or oak tassels.
  • Perforated aluminum – This solution is slightly more expensive than the small hole screen but it offers a higher degree of protection. It works against most types of debris and once installed, it combines the gutters, creating a solid metal unit with increased resistance. Its only disadvantages are that it is not suitable for smaller 5″ gutters and it can suffer from spillovers during heavy rains.
  • Fine mesh screen – While it is a little expensive, this is the best solution for gutter debris. It offers protection against even the smallest debris, it is very durable and it also adds strength to the gutters.

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