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Oriental Bedroom Designs

The bedroom is our special place where we rest and escape from the everyday life. In order to enjoy it and relax after a long day, many people prefer to approach a completely new design, such as the oriental one. The oriental-themed bedrooms invoke the serenity and peace, so if you are interested in learning more about the oriental design, here are some ideas that will totally change the aspect of your old bedroom.

Plenty of Natural Light

The oriental bedroom design is characterized by plenty of natural light. In order to make this possible, you can opt for a big window that will allow the natural light get inside your bedroom. The natural light, in opposition to the artificial one is more calming and relaxing, and big windows will allow you to enjoy the daylight for more time.

Minimalist Furniture

The oriental bedroom design is very minimalist, which means that the bedroom has to be simple and clean. Usually, the furniture occupies most of the space in a bedroom and sometimes this can be too much. Therefore, in order to avoid this from happening, you should choose only furniture that uses simple lines. This will allow you avoid any agglomeration in the bedroom and create the feeling of airiness.

Natural Motifs

The natural motifs are another oriental symbol and usually they represent patterns seen in nature. Most of them represent all sorts of flowers, leaves, trees or plants and are placed on the wall painting, lamps, curtains, wallpaper and so on. It’s only up to your imagination to use them wherever you consider they will fit the best.

Vivid Colors

The oriental style is well-known for the use of vivid colors that accentuate the calm atmosphere and the minimalist style. The best examples are colors like red, yellow or cherry blossom because they are vibrant colors that really stand out in a neutral bedroom.

Balanced Fusion

No matter what are your choices, you should keep in mind that the oriental design is based on a balanced fusion between the elements. Therefore, the floor, furniture, light and so on, should all create a beautiful balanced interior that will give you the impression of space and tranquility.

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